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Every morning I start my day off pretty much the same.  Turn on my computer, fill my oversized mug to the brim with coffee, and check to see what I missed on Google Reader since 6 PM the following day (I know, hard hitting stuff right?).

This morning I was excited to see an article featuring Catcher In the Rye titled

20 books every ‘tween and teen should read before they hit 16

I generally consider myself pretty well read so I did what any intellectual would do and hit the link to see the full list so I could feel superior to all of the plebeians who haven’t read C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe (which wasn’t even on the list, making me glad that the generation after us is projected to have a shorter lifespan than we are).

And here’s where I have to take a minute.  The original post was on a design blog, which I thought was kind of weird, with a link promising to show me the full list on their sister blog, a mommyblog which… ew. BUT THEN THAT LINK OFFERED TO TAKE ME TO ANOTHER SIGHT DISCLOSING THE WHOLE LIST.  Anyway, four clicks later (and about 7 eye twitches) I get to the actual list and its from an article on freaking CANADIAN FAMILY MAGAZINE. And now I’m totally paranoid that Steve Jobs is just playing a mean prank on me because he knows that I only ever download the free song of the week on iTunes.

Back to the point:

Who even CARES what CANADA thinks kids should read?!! UGGGGHHHHHH.

I wasn’t even sure they even COULD read and then I figured they only looked at picture books about hockey and fur trapping or something.

I digress.

Because I am openly pathetic I decided to check out the list anyway so I could prove that I’m way more awesome than everyone else.  Only I quickly realized I hadn’t read most of the books which made me feel like a complete failure because my tween years are long gone and I’ll totally have to spend the rest of my life creating a time travel device or finding and conning someone into letting me use their time machine so I can go back to when I WAS a tween and then instead of doing something important like refusing to get that gross hair cut in 7th grade I’ll just have to read like 14 books because Canada said so. And I was really pissed about all of that UNTIL…

I got to the very end and saw this:

slideshow image

And then I remembered that this is why I had invalidated the list in the first place and haughtily went back to my Google Reader to check for some celebrity gossip.

In other news I am destined today to log on to facebook and discover that someone I knew in high school has decided to name their child “Slake”
and MAN will I have a aneurysm then! (and a good laugh).


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