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The clever and quirky title of this blog was also my status on g-chat for about 20 minutes today. 

The following conversation is an example of why I don’t have any normal friends.

L:  okay, i have wondered this for years.
is his head REALLY frozen?
Sent at 2:07 PM on Wednesday

me:  yes, i did it personally

L:  were you even alive when he died?

( five minute break in which I frantically googled “the year walt disney died” and realized there is a website called www.findadeath.com which is a dream for FREAKS like me because you can find all kinds of interesting facts like “Kurt Russel has confirmed a long-standing industry legend…that the last thing Walt Disney did before he died was write the words, “Kurt Russel.”  )

me:  if i can can cryogenicly freeze things does it really matter if i was alive
maybe i just cryogenicly froze myself, then waited until someone invented a time machine then used the time machine to go back and cryogenicly freeze the head of walt disney

it could happen

im just saying

Lauren:  i cant even wrap my mind around that.
Sent at 2:18 PM on Wednesday

me:  I wouldn’t expect you to be able to


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Actual messages received from my actual friends J (teetering dangerously close to being 22) and L (who has already fallen over the edge) while all three of us were at our full-time jobs:

4:16 pm – J: dude….im listening to the joe jonas song from camp rock
Gotta Find YOu

4:19 pm – L:  icarly came out with a cd

4:35 pm – J: ohhh i love this song
potential break up song by aly and aj

Way to go Nickelodeon and Disney. 

Apparently 20somethings just can’t quit you.

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 Me: I accidentally watched an episode of intervention last night
then I woke up this morning to find that no one had cleaned up anything in our apartment [from an insane drunken attempt by too many 20 somethings at having Thanksgiving Dinner]
and I nearly had a panic attack
because there were beer cans EVERYWHERE
and I was all… “Next on Intervention, watch as 17 friends all go to rehab” so then I spent 20 minutes this morning JUST frantically  throwing away beer cans. Because if you hide the evidence, its like we DON’T have a drinking problem.


J:  ahahahahaha
you should blog about that

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