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So I was totally going to log on and write this really riblogulous post about either (a) the reason I own 3 of the same juvenile Vampire teen drama novels or (b) why my car will NEVER be registered with the State of Texas again (resulting in what I can only imagine to be the biggest hassle of my life) but instead, when I was typing in “wordpress” to get here, I hit the “e” key on the keyboard and was uncontrollably distracted when the phrase “explore 64 khaki pants” showed up in the previously searched drop down. 

I know what you are all thinking, and no, I did not attempt to “explore 64 pairs of khaki pants” (or their wearers) EVER. I don’t even really like khaki pants. They never seem to fit right, and they remind me of 8th grade marching band (screw you guys, playing the flute is a valuable skill). 

I don’t even have 64 pair of pants in general, so I can only conclude that some khaki-wearing sicko broke in to my office in order to fulfill some sort of bizarre, pant-loving exploration after hours. 

I’m thinking of setting some sort of trap in case they return – like a net, MADE ENTIRELY OF PANTS. And I’m definitely getting a new desk chair.  

UPDATE: I just googled the phrase.  Turns out, Explore 64 is a brand and they do make khaki pants.  This computer used to belong to my fairly normal and non-pant obsessed brother, so its totally possible that he nonchalantly set this trap for me knowing I would freak out.  Just wait until I catch him in my pants net next time, then we will see who is laughing.  

I’d also like you to know that while spell-checking this entry I discovered that I do not know how to spell Khaki.  Yet another reason to explore despising it.  64 times.


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